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Sponsor A Child Or
A Family...

Sponsoring a child is a wonderful way to help change a life by bringing change and hope to the child, as well as to his or her community. By becoming a sponsor you will aide The BO Foundation in providing opportunities to children with incredible potential. In addition you will be making a personal investment by building a direct relationship with your beneficiary and his or her family. You will also be joining a community of families all around the world who commit to changing a life for the better one child at a time.


Given the countries in which we operate the impact of even a small donation can be tremendous. The average cost of a single child's education (fees, uniforms, books, school supplies, etc,) ages 5 to 12 is only $138 and around $200 for ages 13 to 18. In Burkina Faso the average household income is less than $1.50 a day. Most families are overwhelmed by the overhead and are often forced to make the decision to not send their children to school.

All children deserve access to equitable basic education. These children are future world leaders, doctors, engineers, lawyers, activists, scholars, scientists, and more. Because many families throughout West Africa simply cannot afford the resources to send their children to school, and many schools themselves don't have the resources to educate every child in their community, we are asking for much needed support. Our Education Program includes the provision of scholarships, uniforms, school supplies, teacher's guides, classroom desks, classroom learning tools, classroom educational décor, books and curriculum guides, computers, printers, paper, notebooks, and backpacks. 

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