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Burkina: The BO Foundation Offers a Water Well to the Population of Komsilga

Updated: May 5, 2022

The BO Foundation donated a drinking water borehole to the population of Bassemyam, a city in the Commune of Komsilga. The donation ceremony took place Saturday, May 2, 2020.

The city of Bassemyam in the district of Komsilga has just benefited from a water well paid for by The BO Foundation. Residents regularly walked for miles to get drinking water. Some people even used to go to neighbors requesting access to their water wells.

“One evening I was walking out of my house and found water jugs outside my door. I ask what was going on, and I was told that they come to fetch water from my house, as I have a water well at home. I was really touched and I couldn't be indifferent to it. And that's what really motivated me,” explained Boukary Ouédraogo, President and Founder of The BO Foundation.

Through this gesture of May 2, 2020, he says he sympathizes with the pain of households who fight day and night to obtain water. “It always hurt my heart when I saw women walking for miles in search of clean water. It was really my duty to be able to act in this way, especially in this period when our country is facing covid-19. And we need water so that people can wash their hands regularly,” he added.

"Water has always been a problem for us"

The president of The BO Foundation invited all people of good will to follow in his footsteps. "Water is life," he says, "and it must be accessible to all populations and free of charge. This is an opportunity for us to invite other entrepreneurs who work in this sector to do the same." For Habibou Congo, president of the Women of Bassemyam, it is a sigh of relief for the population who will no longer walk so far to find water. “We are happy and you can see it on our faces. No more suffering to search for drinking water... and we would also like to thank The BO Foundation, which came to our aid with this very precious donation," she said. Amadou Sawadogo, president of the Canaa Bassemyam Association, also thanked The BO Foundation for this gesture. “In the 6 years that I have been in the neighborhood, water has always been a problem for us. Today The BO Foundation has just given us a strong hand by giving us this water well and we can only thank the Foundation,” he said. As a reminder, The BO Foundation's main mission is to promote education and the return of African diaspora to Burkina Faso and Africa. It has an integrated education center in Kaya. The Foundation also works in Côte d'Ivoire. SOURCE:

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